You will work in small team to solve big ideas in the field of Internet of Things and Distributed Ledger Technologies (blockchain). These solutions are about to bring a revolution in energy management, mobility and smart cities. As a reference, you can visit our project sites:

Our expectations:

Attitude first
Since our small team is bound with tight collegial relationships, we are placing special emphasis on the attitude factors of our applicants (ethics, team spirit, autonomy, and trustworthiness). We believe that technical expertise can be gained with learning, but human attitude is hard to change.
Enthusiasm in innovation
You will dig in technologies like IoT and blockchain applications in the field of smart energy and mobility. Although, you will receive certain guidance from senior employees you are also supposed to quickly gain an expertise in the fields that you are dedicated to.
Technical background
Understanding of web-technologies (preferably client-server architectures, MVC architectures, RESTfull, JSON and XML data structures, MySQL and MongoDB data storages, Apache/Tomcat or XMPP) and programming experience (preferably Java, Python, Javascript, Angular JS, Git, etc.) is a strong advantage.
Position is available also for fresh graduates.
Working full or part time in Bratislava (Slovakia) with salary in the range from 1600 to 2000 Euro for fulltime employment depending on skills and experience.

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